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Let's fight loneliness together!

Help build tangible and inclusive ways to gather, connect, build trust, and increase belonging in our communities.

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We are fundraising to fight, heal, and prevent chronic loneliness.

Lets work together to create a deeper sense of connection and belonging to help each other, our families, and our communities thrive.

Your donations get us one step closer to our goal. Our big dream is to live in a world where everyone has the opportunity to feel valued and cared for.

Why fight Loneliness?

Feeling alone and like no one cares is pervasive in today's culture and anyone can experience this for many complex reasons. When we feel the depths of chronic loneliness it affects our health, our families and our communities. At Social Tinkering we are working on healing together through the practice of intentionally building meaningful connections.

“A sense of belonging to a greater community improves your motivation, health, and happiness. When you see your connection to others, you know that all people struggle and have difficult times. You are not alone. There is comfort in that knowledge."


Our work and its impact...

Simply put, at Social Tinkering we help people prioritize their time and energy for practicing social connection for healthy relationships and healthy lives.

“Just wanted to say, Thank you for last nights' group!! I opened up to pure strangers and it finally felt like it was "Normal"! And, more important, is that I felt safe and understood!! Thank you again!” -Michelle Anderson

“I often have a difficult time finding spaces where I can be my full weird self instead of to lessen my weirdness to blend in, especially in person events. Social Tinkering has been great at helping to fill this void.” - Jade Mead

"Going to gather together felt like being in a room with other people who value you as you are, see who you are and can recognize your strengths. Being in spaces like this can spark motivation to try new things, and connect with new people, thank you Social Tinkering" - Anonymous

Help the members of your community feel a deeper sense of belonging and internal happiness. Help each other and our communities to thrive!